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Gardening with camellias - what to do now in January

Gardening with camellias in January means:

-always keep moist, mulch well, pack warm, save fertilizer, identify unknown varieties based on the flowers and attach variety labels, present lush flowers decoratively in a bowl on the table.

Much joy!

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The winter holidays are over and even though southern Germany and the Alps are covered in deep snow; Camellia season has begun.

What has to be done now? Here are some tips to take good care of your camellias:

Always keep moist , dried out camellias are much more susceptible to frost damage. Many camellias did not freeze in winter, but dried up.

Mulch well . Make sure that the root area of ​​the camellias around the trunk is well mulched with leaves and fir or pine branches. This insulates and protects the plants from cold weather and drying out.

Wrap up warmly. In severe frost, smaller plants in particular can be wrapped with coconut or reed mats. This protects them particularly from cold winds, which can cause the most damage. Just please don't use plastic wrap.

Save fertilizer. Even if it is tempting: please do not fertilize before May.

What's My Name? Many camellia lovers ask about the name of their plant. The flowers can be easily documented now during the flowering period. Take photos, note the shape and color of the flowers, buds and leaves. This helps to find out what variety it might be. Exchange ideas in camellia forums, ask camellia breeders or friends of the camellia society. Put name tags on the plants when they bloom so you can remember who's called what later.

Flower dream: and the beautiful flowers and petals also make a bella figura in a vase or in a glass.

Shown in the picture is Camellia hybrid "Supercent"

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