Hurra! Jetzt beginnt die Kamelien-Saison -

Hooray! Camellia season begins now

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In February, more and more camellias begin to show their beautiful flowers or at least their plump flower buds, which shimmer red, pink or even white depending on the flower color and will soon open.

Now begins the time when many camellia fans are looking for new varieties. But what to do with this gem when it's still so frosty? 

The following tip has proven itself :

Simply place your newly purchased camellia in the pot in the ground at the planned planting location. Carefully cover the upper, visible root ball with soil, leaves and twigs to protect the plant from the cold. She feels particularly comfortable outside in cold, damp weather.

If extreme sub-zero temperatures occur in the short term, you can pull your camellia out of the ground with one hand and place it in the cold garage or cellar during the icy days.

And then plant the beauty in the spring neatly and without a pot.

After flowering, the vegetation phase begins, the new growth becomes visible, the new flower buds are formed and they root nicely in the soil.

Pictured is Camellia sasanqua " Jennifer Susan "

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