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Finally rain for camellias!

This morning we were able to enjoy the long-awaited rain, even if it was only a short shower.

After the first heat record in June, when the 40 degree limit was reached, the last 3 days, each with over 40 degrees, gave us the longest heat period since temperature records began in Germany in 1881.

This was torture for people, animals and plants and of course also for our camellias. But what to do?

A location that provides partial shade, a well-mulched soil that can store water (lava rock with a size of 3-5 mm added to the potting soil is particularly effective as a water reservoir) and regular watering, preferably twice in these extreme temperatures, are now recommended during the day. Mornings and early evenings are ideal times for this; direct sunlight should be avoided.

The camellias are particularly happy about a refreshing shower, also in the morning and evening, because this increases the low humidity, which the camellias particularly suffer from. If you then spray the neighboring plants, the humidity in the garden increases even more.

Camellia japonica "K. Sawada" can be seen in the picture

K. Sawada (left in the picture) is clearly enjoying the rain shower.

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